Collectors Club of Chicago Robert Pratt Award

Initiated in 1997, the CCC Pratt Award is named for Col. Robert H. Pratt, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the pre-eminent Newfoundland stamp and postal history collector, researcher, and author.

The Pratt Estate bequeathed funds to the CCC for the establishment of an annual award for the best article, series of articles, book, or electronic presentation related to Newfoundland’s philately.

The Award

The award consists of a one thousand dollars ($US1,000) honorarium awarded annually in its entirety to one (or pro-rated to two or more) author(s) for articles or other publications related to the philately of Newfoundland as judged by the Pratt Award Committee as being significant and of academic merit. It is awarded in the year following the year in which the best judged Newfoundland philatelic research work was published.

CCC Pratt Award Representative Contact

All submissions to be considered for the CCC Pratt Award must be submitted to the Committee’s Chairperson. In the event of questions or communications, also please contact the Club’s representative:

George P. Fabian
CCC Pratt Awards Chairman
230 Fir St
Park Forest, IL 60466-1717

The 2016 Pratt award winner is David Piercey. The award is for the following articles on Newfoundland.

"Early Packet Steamer Services on Placentia Bay: 1888-1900", found in the April 2016 (whole number 340) issue of Maple Leaves.

"Late Letters and the Newfound Mails"”, found in the Summer-Fall 2015 (whole numbers 162-163) and the Winter 2015-2016 (whole number 164) issues of Postal History Society of Canada Journal.

"The "St John’s East" post office", found in the first quarter 2016 (whole number 546) issue of British North America Topics.

The 2015 Robert Pratt Award is awarded to two authors:
David Piercey and John M. Walsh.

David Piercey authored:
"Newfoundland's South Coast Mails 1892-1895", July 2015 Maple Leaves "Mail from Her Majesty's navy in Newfoundland: 1893-1898", October 2015 Maple Leaves "The St. John's Central Post Office", Whole number 544 BNA Topics. "The Montreal Steamers and the Newfoundland Mails 1885-1897", May/June 2015 The Canadian Philatelist "Analyze This: Using Archival Research to Determine Postal History Significant of a Newfound cover" Sep. / Oct. 2015 The Canadian Philatelist

John M. Walsh authored:
"1897 Newfoundland Red Overprint Surcharge part II", March/April 2015 The Canadian Philatelist "The Discoveries Abound in Newfoundland", May/June 2015 The Canadian Philatelist "Adventures of the Newfoundland 1898 Queen Victoria First Revenue Issue Document", July/ Aug. 2015 The Canadian Philatelist "Newfoundland 1929 Provisional Surcharge Three Cent on 6¢ Issue of 1923" Nov. /Dec. 2015 The Canadian Philatelist

Previous CCC Pratt Awardees (1997-2014)

  • 1997 - Norris R. Dyer, ‘Newfoundland's 1897 1-cent Postal Shortage & Newfoundland's Missing Three Provisional – A Mirage’ (B.N.A. Topics, 3rd Quarters 1995 and 1996)
  • 1998 - John Butt and John M. Walsh, the Newfoundland Specialized Stamp Catalogue.
  • 1999 - Norris R. Dyer, for: ‘       … extensive writings on the overprints of Newfoundland and the early airmail flights from Newfoundland       …’ as published in various periodicals.
  • 2000 - Norris R. Dyer and John M. Walsh, for: ‘       … outstanding articles published the 1999 and 2000 issues of B.N.A. Topics       …’.
  • 2001 - (Pratt Award Not Presented)
  • 2002 - Norris R. Dyer, Dean Mario, and Sammy Whaley; “Newfoundland’s ‘Paid All’ and ‘Postage Paid’ Markings, 1897-1948”; “Newfoundland’s Provisional Postcard and Those Who Exploited it”; and “The Newfoundland ((235)) Cancel”; (B.N.A. Topics, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Quarters 2001)
  • 2003 - Dean Mario, “Newfoundland’s ‘FS’ Handstamps & Newfoundland’s 1919 Sudan Booklet – Bogus or Bona Fide?” (B.N.A. Topics, 3rd and 4th Quarters 2002)
  • 2004 - C. R. McGuire, SS Caribou (Series), Postal History Society of Canada Journal
  • 2005 - Colin Lewis - “Newfoundland-Oporto Mail 1810-1865” (B.N.A. Topics, 4th Quarter 2004).
  • 2006 – Sammy Whaley, Newfoundland: 1865-1879. The New York Printings - A Cover Study (Published by the author).
  • 2007 - (Pratt Award Not Presented)
  • 2008 - Brian T. Stalker, Travelling Post Office Postmarks of Newfoundland & Labrador (Publisher: British North America Philatelic Society / BNAPS).
  • 2009 - Peter C. Motson, Newfoundland Airmail Stamps and Air Mail Flights: 1918-1949 (Publisher: British North America Philatelic Society / BNAPS).
  • 2010 - Norris R. Dyer [for “The Newfoundland 1888-1898 1¢ Green Prince Edward Stamp”]; Brian Stalker [for “Newfoundland’s Coastal North & Labrador Mail Services and Loss of the S.S. ‘Volunteer’ on 19 November 1891”]; and Brian Stalker & Mike Street (for “Labrador Winter Mail Challenges and Heroics - Mail Courier Ernst B. Doane’s 1910-1911 Crossing of the Strait of Belle Isle”]; (all in 2010 Editions of B.N.A. Topics).
  • 2011 - Anthony B. Thompson, “Newfoundland's Industrial Issue and the 'Coat of Arms' Watermark Layout” (B.N.A. Topics, 1st Quarter 2011).
  • 2012 - David D. D'Alessandris, “Mail between the United States and Newfoundland” (The Chronicle of the U.S. Classic Postal Issues, Vol. 64, No. 4 [Whole No. 236], November 2012).
  • 2013 - Anthony B. Thompson [for “The Intaglio Printing of Newfoundland's 1932-1941 Industrial Issue” B.N.A. Topics, Vol. 70 No. 2, April-June 2013]; Anthony B. Thompson [for“ The Intaglio Printing of the Newfoundland 1¢ 'Pile of Cod' Stamps”,B.N.A. Topics, Vol. 70 No. 4, October-December 2013]; Robin J. Moore and John M. Walsh [for “Newfoundland Inverted Halifax Airmails with Mirror Image Offsets”, The Canadian Philatelist, Vol. 64 No. 5, September-October 2013].
  • 2014 - James R. Taylor and Henk Slabbinck Mail from the French Shore of Newfoundland (Published by the authors).